04 January 2013

new horizons

Here we are again, the beginning of a new year.  How long ago it seems I was looking at 2012 with so many plans and ideas and goals...ha.  Seems life had a different idea for me.  I can't remember what any of those goals were - cut down on sugar?  Probably something about getting really fit or running or something.  It seems to be so unimportant now. 

I love Ali's one word project and I probably had a word for last year, though again it completely escapes me.  Priorities change so much.  My word for this year is simply: live.  That's it (with a short i, live ;).  Yes, in the obvious way that I'd like to be around the remainder of the year, knowing even that is not guaranteed.  But beyond that, to just live.  Be healthy but not watch every little thing I eat or kick myself if I can't do a pull-up.  Enjoy my kids and not worry if it means we're sitting on the couch in our pj's watching the fourth Veggie Tales movie instead of doing some amazing art project.  

Looking back through the blog entries from last year, I realize that there's a large gap...and it was at the END of the year, which means I was done with treatment and wasn't blogging because I was busy living!  So no guarantees I'll blog at all this year.  Or do portraits again.  Or do a family scrapbook, or make my kids' pajamas for Christmas.  I can tell you that right now I'm sipping a cup of hot tea (with sugar - gasp!) and just appreciating that I have another new year to celebrate.  

Here's to living this new year, and how grateful I am to have it. :)

- Ellen


Bree said...

Beautiful words. Beautiful you. <3

BFletcher said...

your life is an inspiration. Keep rockin' it!

BFletcher said...

your life is an inspiration. Keep rockin' it!