05 July 2012

Project 12: Spaces

Not my favorite space, per se, but I've spent a lot of time here in the past few months, so I thought I'd document it...

top:  the fabulous nurses...you must be a special nurse to work in oncology, because they were all wonderful. The next picture is me in the "chemo suite" - ha!  A funny name, you'd think we got massages and sipped champagne.  Not quite, but they do try to make it as cozy as possible, with quilts hanging on the walls, leather recliners, and blankets since they keep the suites frigid.  And I'm looking pretty dopey after an entire IV bag of Benadryl (to counteract the allergic reaction Taxol causes)...yep, I slept through most of chemo.

middle:  the drips, my rock, and the nurses coming in for their tradition for one's last round of chemo:  they blow bubbles as a farewell.  

bottom:  my favorite nurse ever, and my last chemo treatment (hopefully ever)! 


Terry McKaig said...

Bless you Ellen...and all of the wonderful nurses that treat you so kind...you deserve it! Your strength and smiling face encourages me beyond words. You are constantly in my prayers.......thanking God for such an incredible women and for your healing!! : )

Chelsey said...

I love this look into your space that you've spent so much time, thought & energy ... and you are so right, knowing an oncology NP (my baby sister) I can tell you straight up, they are very special people. This is definitely their calling. I'm glad you had great nurses. You deserve it. I've been in their chemo room before and I hope you felt a similar calm, warmth & caring in the air. That is the only way. Super big hugs to you! So glad this was the last treatment! Yay!!! :)